Dubai Land Department Transfer Fees

Dubai Land Department Transfer Fees Are Due On All Transfers Of Real Estate

Dubai Land Department transfer fees must be paid every time there is a property transfer in Dubai. The Government of Dubai has specified that all property transactions, be it land, industrial buildings or residential property, must be processed through the Land Department or its agents. This Department must document and register all transactions via its electronic systems following a detailed set of procedures. The registration process must be carried out in person by all the parties involved, or by agents working on their behalf who can prove official power of attorney, and only on the provision of a set of certain listed documents.

Which Types Of Property Transfer Are Covered By The Land Department?

The basic answer is that the Dubai Land Department Fees are applicable to all “real estate activities”. This term is defined in Dubai law and it covers a very wide set of transactions. Included in this definition are not only all the financial and legal proceedings linked to land development, sale, and purchase; but also matters such as the regulation and leasing of all properties in Dubai. Additionally, it gives the Land Department and any organisations affiliated with it, such as the Registration Trustees, a supervisory and regulatory role in property transactions. That being said, the current system is modern and well-thought out. It was introduced after a very wide review and reform of the previous land registration system which dated back to 1960, culminating in the launch and development of the present system covered by the Land Department Law. This was passed and enacted 2013. Among the stated objectives was the aim to create a system that set an international standard, encouraged real estate investment or real estate transfer and enhanced the efficiency of real estate monitoring. It also introduced the idea of setting up a system of standard Dubai Land Department transfer fees so that all transactions of the same type, for example all sale/ purchase transactions, attract the same level of government fees. These fees were set out in a schedule linked to the 2013 Act. As an example, at the time of writing, the Dubai Land Department title deed fees were set at a single level of 250 Dirham for all title deeds.

Are All Dubai Land Department Registration Fees The Same?

Not exactly. The Dubai Land Department registration fees are the same for the same type of transaction; however, the fees for different types of transaction are different. As examples, the Dubai property transfer fee for registration of sale/purchase property transactions is 4%. In theory, this should be split 50:50 between the buyer and the seller, although this is often negotiated as part of the transaction. The fee for Oqoodi, though, which allows the sale of properties still under construction or sold off-plan, is 2,000 Dirhams. The fee for modification of lease-to-own (Ejara) ownership contracts, for example by extending the period agreed to pay back a mortgage, is 1,000 Dirhams. Service fees are an additional cost. These fees are favourable, being set at far lower levels than in many other jurisdictions. For all of these transactions, the application to register the change must be carried out in person. On first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking this might result in long queues at a central office, or that the Land Department could need to open and maintain a number of different offices across Dubai. However, the Government of Dubai has developed a different system to ensure the rapid and efficient registration of property transactions by establishing a system of Registration Trustees. These are companies the Land Department has partnered with to facilitate property transaction registration. They have access to the Land Department computer systems and can carry out registrations on behalf of the Land Department in as little as 1½ to 2 days. A Registration Trustee with a good and growing reputation is Seal Real Estate Registration Trustee.

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